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Arch-to-PST is a stand-alone tool that ensures easy conversion of NSF or Thunderbird files to PST format. 


This product exclusively designed for final users, allows saving archived data in case of a messaging migration to Microsoft Outlook.


Thanks to its key features, Arch-to-PST can execute an archive conversion itself. From an NSF or Thunderbird archive, Arch-to-PST creates a data file in PST format and attaches it to the Outlook profile. This software can be installed and configured easily on desktops.


Through its interface, it is possible to configure conversions, follow their progress and access the conversion report.

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Local archives conversion in 1 click only! 

Stored on PCs, archives can generally represent a very large volume of data. As part of a messaging migration to Microsoft Exchange or Exchange Online (such as Office 365) platforms, Arch-to-PST offers a smart alternative to the migration of local data. To streamline the messaging migration project, the CIO may delegate the migration and the conversion of local data to users. It reduces the burden on IT staff, already busy on the main project.

  • User friendly  interface

  • Automatic attachment of converted archives to the Outlook profile

  • Conversion of Mails, Contacts, Tasks & Calendars

  • Pre-configurable options when packaging

  • No network overload - Conversion locally executed

  • Domino source of 1,5 Go/ hour up to  7 Go / hour

  • Data filtering

  • Independent filtering  of mails & calendar per date