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Diagnosis of PCs and Messaging

Considering an evolution of a messaging system or of an installed base of PCs to a newer version of Microsoft Windows may be a difficult business decision for companies.


Are former applications of Windows XP compatible with a newer version of Windows? Are there more recent versions of applications compatible with the new operating system? Can the hardware support a transition to Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange 2013? What is the real usage of critical applications? What is the volume of e-mails archived on PCs? These questions, among others, arise when developing an evolution project, whether it is migration, replacement, virtualization or application remediation, transition to Cloud or to a hybrid architecture.


Without a thorough study of hardware, software, of real usage of applications, mailboxes and directories, it is difficult to develop an evolution project. A diagnosis of the existing system must be undertaken to fully understand the future evolution project.


To meet this need, we have developed 2 quick-to-implement key solutions,:

Refresh Diagnosis PC, diagnosis before an evolution of installed base of PCs

Refresh Diagnosic Messaging, diagnosis before an evolution of a messaging system


Do you have a project to update your installed base of PCs to Windows 7 or Windows?

Do you plan to change your messaging system to Office 365 or Exchange 2013?

Do you need a quick diagnosis of your existing system? 

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