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Dynamic management of PCs & Tablets

Managing an installed base of PCs and tablets can be best described as the automated collection and information management on hardware and software assets of a company. It is also reflected in the remote deployment of applications and user support as well as configuration management.


Nowadays, managing an installed base also means operating on new devices used in the business environment, application uses, user habits and mobility.  With these new needs, mastering hardware and software assets in a company has become more and more difficult. Thus, managing an installed base, whatever its size, may be very complex.


IT administrators often use various solutions to understand and optimize the management of their assets. They endow third-party tools to ensure the efficient administration and sustainability of their PCs and Tablets. The acquisition of these solutions ultimately increases maintenance and operational costs. In response to all of these needs, Refresh IT Solutions provides Refresh for PC for large businesses and Refresh Devices Manager for midsized businesses.