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You have been selected by Microsoft to play an active role in the Windows Server 2003 End of Support campaign. We hope that the Refresh Diagnosis Server Freemium report has helped your customers make a decision to retire their Windows Server 2003 servers and make the move to Windows Server 2012 or Azure.
You now have the opportunity to take full advantage of Refresh Diagnosis Server by ordering usage rights to the full service, including the Premium report : this report will provide you with the details of the assessment made on the Windows Server 2003 servers of your customers and will let you propose the best migration service to them.
In order to do so, please fill out one of the form below with accurate information.
  • If you have already ordered Refresh Diagnosis Server usage rights or support tickets and want to keep the same billing information, you can use the re-order form
Upon reception, we will email a proforma invoice and wire instructions. Full Refresh Diagnosis Server usage rights or support tickets will be credited on your Refresh Diagnosis Server account after payment is received.


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