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Messaging evolution

Messaging have become one of the most collaborative tools used in businesses. The evolution of communication and collaboration needs, the adoption of the Cloud and the obsolescence of older messaging systems lead companies to adopt new platforms such as: Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft® Office 365.

The adoption of a new messaging system usually results in the migration of the existing infrastructure and the deployment of the new platform (if not a migration to the Cloud). In some cases, it is not only about data migration but also about addressing the impacts on PCs and on users. A migration project can be a long, costly and complex process if it is not supported by software that will allow you to secure and accelerate the migration but also restore PCs for users; for whom the migration must be transparent.

We provide our clients customized software to accelerate their messaging migration projects to Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange 2013, and this through three key steps:


1. Diagnosis of the preparation state of the messaging system, of directories and workstations. Thanks to Refresh Diagnosis Messaging, it is a simple step.


2. Migration strategy: which users can be migrated first? Which PCs must be aligned before the migration? Which strategy should be adopted given the volume of transferred data and archives on PCs ? How should migration batches be designed?


3. Migration execution: migration operations are entirely automated, without manual intervention, and run based on the established migration strategy. The teams in charge of migrations have the necessary reporting to achieve their missions. Users are involved in the transformation process for their personal satisfaction.

2 products answer these needs: Refresh Messaging for large companies and Refresh Orchestrator for middle-sized companies.

Whatever the number of users, the software provided by our company will allow you to succeed in your migration project, in a safe and cost-conscious way.


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