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Refresh Insight PC is a software solution designed to help decision making  to facilitate the preparation and conduct of an evolution project of PCs to Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.


The software allows the development of a migration strategy as well as an assistance for automatic creation of migration batches, throughout the migration project.

 Refresh Insight PC focuses on the different impacts of data migration on the network, the eligibility of workstations and applications for the newer version of Windows, geographical and organizational distribution of desktops, and external constraints such as the capacity helpdesk to assist users during the migration phases.


To accelerate your migration project of installed bases of PCs to Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and to create migration batches rapidly,contact us!




A unique solutions helping your make the right decision  for your PCs evolution projects 

To define an optimized strategy and secure a reliable creation of migration batches before and during the evolution project, Refresh Insight PC collects all data directly issued from the information system relevant for reliable decision-making.

Data is continuously updated and aggregated within a unique informative referential.


The data taken into account includes:


  • The applications of each workstation audited : Editor, name and version

  • The use of each application: use indicator (frequently, rarely, never), cumulative execution time, number of launches cumulated.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 compatibility of non prioritized application

  • PCs: name, pattern, main user

  • The eligibility status of all workstations to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 : remaining disk space, RAM memory, processor frequency, compatibility of hardware

  • Organizational data such as localization of users and PCs, category of users (VIP, Assistant…)

Automated batching based on the global repository. Batching constraints by batch. Optimization and automatic batch planning. Export of batches in CSV format. 

Description of geographic localizations and of the organization, automatic link of Pcs to users and localizations, customed fields and data importation. Definition of migration scenarios, targeted configurations. Assistance for prioritization packaging. Validation of the distribution infrastructure.

Automated information collection, periodic aggregation of data, inventory and eligibility of hardware and applications, usage analysis on each PC, company directory and desktop localization

Data centralization. Reliability of organizational data and techniques necessary for optimization of the project. Decision-support tool