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Refresh Insight Server & Apps

Refresh Insight Server&Apps is a software solution designed to help decision making and facilitate the preparation and the conduct of Servers and Applications evolution projects towards a modern IT, be it on premise, in Microsoft Azure, in a private Cloud or hybrid (partly on premise, partly in the Cloud).


This software covers the phases of discovery, assessment and identification of the possible evolution targets for servers and software components in a state of obsolescence, as well as the monitoring during the roll out of a migration project (get current) or on an ongoing basis (stay current).


Refresh Insight Server&Apps provides tremendous value to consultants in charge of elaborating and overseeing server and application evolution projects, including greater productivity, greater reliability and time saving.


Are you looking for ways to secure and accelerate your project Windows Server 2003 end of support project and related sotware components and applications? Do you want to anticipate the obsolescence of operating systems and  software components in order to keep your IT current ? Please contact us!



A unique solution helping you discover, assess and make the right decisions for your Server and Applications evolution projects (get current), or to anticipate obsolescence of your IT (stay current).


To enable the definition of the optimal strategy for the evolution of legacy servers and business applications, Refresh Insight Server&Apps will first collect from the IS the most relevant data available needed to make informed decisions, with the best reliability. This data will be injected into the repository of the software. Combined with the 3 knowledge bases of Refresh Insight Server&Apps - software component signature rationalisation, software component potential targets (eg Azure, Windows Server 2012R2,...), hardware compatibility - the software will allow consultants and business application owners to validate a complete description of those distributed applications. Refresh Insight Server&Apps will suggest the possible targets for the software components (eg data bases, web server, runtime,...) needed for the business applications. Finally, Refresh Insight Server&Apps will generate multiple reports needed to support the evolution of the servers and applications as part of an IT transformation project, or on an ongoing basis by anticipating the obsolescence of software componants or Windows Server operating systems.


Multiple options are proposed for data collection from the Information System. Including :

  • Using the Refresh Insight Server&Apps software agent, to be deployed on any Windows Server (in standard)

  • Through our connector to Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Tookit databases (in standard)

  • Through other SQL connectors (in option) to third party tools already deployed in the Information System

  • Offline import of data



Data type taken into account for the discovery and assessment include the following :

  • Hardware, infrastructure

  • Software components

  • Server and application usage



Refresh Insight Server&Apps

  • Hardware, infrastructure

  • Software components

  • Server and application usage


Data centralization. Reliability of organizational data and techniques necessary for project optimization . Decision-support tool

Automated data collection, agregation of data, hardware, software, infrastructure, relationship between servers

Description of business applications. Automated identification of software components and possible targets (Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2008/2012R2)

Rationalisation of the signatures of the software components. Hardware compatibility. Possible targets for software components (Microsoft Azure or Windows Server 2008 or 2012R2).

Most utilized software components. Summary by category. Report by server, by application. Relationship between servers. Smart batching. Migration management.