Any company concerned with the management of its PCs is brought to acquire inventory tools, corrective and application deployment, remote control and sometimes additional software solutions to ensure sustainability and safety of their equipment.


To overcome this complexity, Refresh IT Solutions has developed a software set for the dynamic management of PCs, especially designed for mid-size companies: Refresh Devices Manager. This solution includes five powerful technologies that allow the execution of all tasks related to the dynamic management of PCs and tablets within a company.


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Five products in One solution !
Complete optimization & control of your PCs and tablets

The MarketPlace produc is an advanced module offering  a wide range of applications for usages, business and corporate rules. Its ergonomics and usability guarantees an easy installation on PCs by users themselves. The CIO can then quickly and proactively answer the users' needs and  give them some level of  responsibility. In addition, the Marketplace frees IT technicians of all technical tasks and thus allows the reduction of Helpdesk costs.

Self-service application demand by final users | Distribution of applications in line with users' uses | Rapid availability of applications according to business rules | Reduction of calls to support | User responsibility- better quality of service for users…

The Usage Analysis module is a decision support tool that provides the means to the CIO to control its installed base by following and controlling the users' use and the performance of PCs and tablets. It allows the collection of all the data related to the actual usage of applications and their resource consumption on devices. The aggregation of information collected from the use analysis and the inventory allow the identification of under-exploited licenses to ensure an efficient cost management, amongst other things. This tool enhances sustainably and the optimization of usages and devices in relation with the business rules. In addition, the CIO may  monitor his installed base but also maintain security and compliance on its PCs and tablets.

Analysis of the applications usage | Analysis of the applications consumption  | Resources | Periodic analysis of PCs resources consumption| CPU, RAM, Network , Disk space….

The Deployment module uses local device resources on a LAN, for deployment of the packages (for technology point to point) without clogging the WAN. It ensures the continuity of PCs’ and tablets’ use and safety integrity. Whether the devices are fixed or mobile, this patented technology knows a particularly high success rate.

Deployment of all types of packages on fixed or mobile devices in MSI format (or other) | Patented module based on Peer-to-Peer and Meshing technologies | Ability to massively deploy large applications with a substantial gain of use on the WAN bandwidth | Detailed management of diffusing capacity by modeling connectivity between different parts of corporate network | Planning of deployment demands based on inventory data and eligibility | Real-time visualization of progress on deployment campaigns, errors and recoveries…

Thanks to the integration of an Inventory module in Refresh Devices Manager, a company can identify and qualify PCs and tablets and track the state of their installed base. This module provides an comprehensive and updated report on the hardware and software components of the installed base.  It offers great visibility of data on devices (fixed and mobile), of users but also of the relationships between devices and users; something always difficult to determine when managing PCs and tablets. This module improves the IT service productivity by allowing IT managers to master physical location of PCs and optimize the use of devices.

Inventory of installed base (fixed or mobile devices)| Comprehensive and updated reports on hardware and software components of the installed base | Complete and detailed visibility of data on devices, users and devices-users relationships collected on devices or IT system| Regular or sporadic inventory planning

User mobility and the multiplication of working environments make device management more complex.  Ensuring adequate support for users has become more and more complicated in case of an incident. The unresolved or poorly-treated failures prevents the proper functioning of devices on the long-term and thus impact user productivity. It is the CIO's responsibility to manage and resolve these incidents whether the PCs are distant or not. The Remote Control and Execution module allows easy interventions on all existing devices within a company. IT technicians can handle incidents without physical intervention on defective PCs, repair them and thus ensure user and IT service productivity. 

Remote control on fix or mobile device | Approval and communication with the end-user | Secured Access and encryption of exchanges | Tracking of actions performed on the devices | Optimization of the  Helpdesk | Execution of all types of administrative commands remotely on all types of devices | Full Result of the  commands execution...