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Refresh Diagnosis Server

Delivered to you as Service running in the Cloud

No infra to setup on your side. Very quickly scale to engage with hundreds of SMB customers on Windows Server 2003 end of life


Significantly reduce the number of man hours needed to produce Windows Server 2003 assessments for your SMB customers

Eliminate time consuming travels and tasks to analyse servers, compile information and map to possible targets.

Let your customer install one single piece of software on each Windows 2003 Server and in just one click, produce comprehensive reports in just one click !


Focus your capacity in delivering services with higher value

Refresh Diagnosis Server industrializes 3 out of the 4 Microsoft recommended steps leading to a Windows Server 2003 migration, letting you focus your team on services with the best added value : executing on the migration

Through this short presentation, you will discover the key benefits for you to use Refresh Diagnosis Server, how the service fits into Microsoft recommended approach to migrate Windows Server 2003 customers. You will also see how you can take advantage of Refresh Diagnosis Server to best advise your customers while reducing cost and significantly improving your productivity, allowing you to engage with even more customers !

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we are happy to offer you to evaluate Refresh Diagnosis Server. You will get all the software, documentation and access to the Service to evaluate Refreh Diagnosis Server on one of your own
Windows Server 2003 (not for resale).

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Key benefits for Partners

Engage you customer immediately with a more cost effective proposal

Remotely and centrally assess Server installed base of multiple customers at the same time

Industrialize : by addressing many more opportunities faster, knowing that you can deliver

Deliver inventory, assessment and target guidance fo all identified workloads on the back of one single solution

Integrate Refresh Diagnosis Server license cost in your business case.

Gain operational efficiencies - Your staff frees up valuable time to deliver services with higher value