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Large companies wishing to migrate their PCs and manage their installed base  will find in Refresh for PC a solution that meets their needs. 


Beyond its innovative workflow engine, this solution integrates all of the key features for decision support, PCs management and migrations to Microsoft Windows.


Refresh for PC is built upon a « Repository » providing and precisely defining all data needed for a secure start of the transformation. The gathered information determines the actions to undertake for each PC and user (whether it is an operating system migration with or without a PC replacement): all of these operations that will allow you to streamline your project’s evolution.


To accelerate your Windows XP migration project to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, contact us!



A controlled and optimized evolution of your PCs 

The software management functions improve the overall management of the project, such as eligibility, automated creation of migration batches or capacity planning.  IT technicians can with these functions define the migration capabilities (depending on the organization or the geographical location) or automatically schedule a batch migration. Furthermore, its PCs management functions ensure full restoration of PCs after any operation.


With its connectors, Refresh for PC easily interfaces with existing third-party tools in the information system. By centralizing and automating the execution of the process, this product significantly accelerates the migration and increases IT staff productivity. As a result, the solution significantly reduces the number of human resources necessary for the project. Its robustness guarantees the reliability and safety of your migration. This ingenious and efficient solution has been designed by experts for any business wishing to conduct a reliable and secure transformation.  

A unique platform for the simultaneous execution of various transformation projects of national or international PCs

Processing of multiple transformation processes at once. Bundle of standard operations meeting the major needs. 

Automated creation of migration batches based on a global referential 

Definition of migration capabilities based on the organization and the geographical location. Automatic planning of migration batches or in self-service for users 

Basic knowledge to define the list of software to install on the targeted PC depending on the state of the source PC. 

Monitoring of third-party tools. Connectors. Capitalization on existing elements. Interfacing SCCM, Active Directory, Inventory and ticketing tools 

Full or differential backup and restoration of user data. PC 100% operational after migration 

Validation tracking sheet. Dynamic and automatic appointment setting. Manageable communication plan. Language and time-zone management. 

Real-time visualization of progress. Control of each PC and ability to intervene.

Comprehensive and tailored reports for each participant of the project. Subscription to reporting.

Centralization of data. Reliability of organizational and technical data necessary to the optimization of the project. Migration batches creation industrialization. 

  • No network overload - Conversion locally executed

  • Source Domino  1,5 Go/ hour uo to  7 Go / hour