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Refresh Insight Messaging : Accelerate the deployment of Office 365 with Microsoft Fast Track Center

Deploying Office 365 with the Microsoft Fast Track Center in organizations can be best delivered by adressing the critical aspects of the deployment project. This is where Refresh Insight Messager brings tremendous value.

Adapting migration strategies to the constraints of the organization, communicate early to end users and at key steps of the project in order to turn them into active contributors, creating batches of mailboxes to be migrated simultaneously and setting accordingly the migration dates, taking into account the eligibility of users to Office 365 as well as other key constraints of a migration project : all these dimensions are critical to accelerate the deployment of Office 365 while maximizing end user experience.

Refresh Insight Messaging has been designed in accordance with Microsoft Fast Track -  Assess | Remediate | Enable | Migration | Use.

This software complements the email migration capabilities delivered by the Microsoft Fast Track Center.


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  • Secure project deadlines

  • Mobilize end users impacted by the changes

  • Reduce costs as well as skills requirements to carry out the messaging migration project

  • Take advantage as quickly as possible of the benefits of Office 365 in your organization

  • Accelerate Office 365 deployment with the Microsoft Fast Track Center

Dynamic referential of information

  • One unique store for all key information needed

  • Customization and categorization of content

  • Search filters

  • Calculation of eligibilities

Assessment of the messaging sources

  • Analysis of directories

  • Analysis of delegations between users

  • Analysis of mailboxes

  • Migration strategies

  • A comprehensive approach to your project : optimization of migration strategies, aggregating data for the duration of the project, and assistance in the preparation of the migration to come

  • A solution designed for Office 365 and the Fast Track Center

  • A highly flexible software based solution that adapts to the IT in place : flexible migration strategies, open to multiple sources and directories, adjustable and scalable architecture

  • A solution designed for the most demanding messaging transformation projects : multi timezones, multi-source, from 3,000 up to 150,000+ mailboxes projects

Batching and Scheduling

  • Migration calendar (global, per site)

  • Automated batching based on technical, organizational, change management and project related constraints



  • Out of the box, customizable communication plans

  • Multi format content : mail, eforms, popups, survey

  • Communication plan roll-out, in sync with the migration

Supervision and reporting

  • Real time overview of operations

  • Subscription to reports

  • Reports templates per category of recipient

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