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Refresh Insight PC : Deliver an end to end Windows 10 deployment Experience

Starting with Windows 10, the release of upgrades and updates issued by Microsoft is accelerating. The challenge for organizations is to make available these new features of Windows to a larger number of users, a growing number of PC or tablets, while controlling the successive waves of updates and managing the application life cycle



This is to meet these new challenges that we have created Refresh Insight PC. This software provides a complete experience of the move to Windows 10 and future versions. Refresh Insight PC includes a continually enriched knowledge base for the eligibility of hardware and applications, a self-service end user portal, the roll out of a communication plan, the execution via the technical tools deployed in the enterprise, all these remaining, of course, under the control of the IT department.


Would you like to evaluate our software ? Do you want to put in place an end to end Windows 10 deployment solution ? Do you have an IT modernization project to the Microsoft modern platform ? Please, contact us!

  • Reduce Windows 10 deployment deadlines and cost by rapidely providing IT with eligibilty assessment (hardware and software)

  • Secure deployment deadlines by industrialising each key step of the project (eligibility, scheduling, communication roll out, deployment capacity)

  • Increase end user experience through a self service portal allowing every employee to check and schedule Windows 10 deployment roll out

  • Enable businesses to manage the lifecycle of their applications through an application owner portal, allowing each business to validate the eligibility of their application prior to a full scale roll out of Windows 10 and subsequent versions

  • Quick assessment of your applications compatibility to Windows 10

  • Management of the life cycle of your business applications

  • Measuring the impact of obsolescence of software components

  • Anticipating future Windows 10 upgrades

  • Identification of user profiles

  • Creation of modernization processes adapted

  • Controled Windows 10 deployment within calendar constraints

  • User generated migration to Windows 10

  • Automated communication to end users, in sync with the execution of the Windows upgrade

Dynamic referential
  • Multi-dimensionnal information into one store

  • Customizable store

  • Creation of filters

  • Hardware

  • Applications

  • Enterprise rules

Execution process
  • Out of the box, customizable workflow of execution

Capacity planning
  • Customizable number of deployment per day, per location, per process

Communication plan
  • Customizable communication plans, adapted to categories of users

  • Communication plan roll out

Self-service portal
  • User friendly interface, supporting self assessment, self scheduling to Windows 10 evolution

Supervision and reporting
  • View in real time of operations from a Web console

  • Multiple report models available for different needs

Would you like to evaluate our software?

Do you want to put in place an end to end Windows 10 deployment solution ?

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