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Refresh Insight Server&Apps : Reduce time to
Server, Database and Application modernization plans

Refresh Insight Server&Apps is a software solution designed to help decision making and facilitate the preparation and the conduct of Servers, SQL Server databases and Applications evolution projects to Microsoft Azure or Hybrid Cloud

This software covers the discover, assessment and target phases of an evolution project (get current), including Windows Servers, software components, SQL Server Databases and Business Applications, as well as the application life cycle on an ongoing basis (stay current).

 Refresh Insight Server&Apps provides tremendous value to consultants in charge of elaborating and overseeing server, database and application evolution projects, including greater productivity, greater reliability and time saving.

" A unique solution helping you discover, assess and make the right decisions for your Server, SQL Server Databases and Applications evolution projects (get current), or to anticipate obsolescence of your IT (stay current)."

  • Reduce time needed to develop a modernization plan to the Microsoft Cloud: Azure / hybrid Cloud

  • Enables decision making related to the possible evolution options : on premise or Azure or hybrid

  • Has no impact on production servers and IT

  • Reduce the cost and manual tasks needed to develop a comprehensive modernisation plans

  • Refresh Insight Server&Apps software is delivered as a Service, with limited requirements needed on IT

  • One single web portal to manage several modernization projects

  • A unique solution to handle both infrastructure, databases and applications modernization

  • Regularly updated knowledge bases to provide a deep analysis of the current IT and the targeting to the possible and most relevant Microsoft modern platforms

  • Numerous reports, both synthetic and detailed, to apprehend a modernization plan

Global referential of information

  • Automated collection of information

  • Application description

  • Up-to-date knowledge bases on software components and hardware eligibility

Multiple reports

  • Summary of most used software components

  • Summary by application category

  • Detailed report by server, by SQL Server database, by application

  • Connections between servers

  • Consolidation of servers sharing the same application

  • Monitoring during the server migration phase

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