About Refresh IT Solutions

Refresh IT Solutions is the software publisher, specialist of messaging migration for companies and to the Cloud and of dynamic management of PCs and tablets. Our company supports businesses in their Computing Transformations by providing innovative solutions. These solutions meet the needs of businesses willing to accelerate the transformation of their IT, from messaging to desktops and tablets.


Our strategy is based on 4 pillars 

We invest significantly in Research & Development to cater companies with innovative and efficient solutions. 


We continuously work on the development and transfer of our operational competencies to our partners in order to ensure the success of our customers IT Transformations projects 

The user is at the heart of our solutions because we know that behind each desktop there is a « professional ». 


We offer to our clients and partners a comprehensive approach called « Software & Services » for them to ensure the success of their transformation projects. 



Refresh IT Solutions was founded in 2006 after having performed two major projects: a migration of

100 000 mailboxes from different messaging systems to Microsoft Exchange and a PC evolution project of 150 000 desktops migrated to Microsoft Windows XP.


"When creating Refresh IT Solutions, we knew that we responded to a great need, detectable in companies. Deploying messaging systems to Exchange and desktops to Windows can be complex. The involved processes are sometimes very heavy, poorly controlled, very risky and therefore expensive. Our portfolio of products and solutions provides an comprehensive answer to the issues. They ensure an automated deployment, no data loss or discontinuity of services. Our team of experts assist all of our customers and partners in their deployment projects."