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Refresh Messaging is an automated software for migrations to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.


This comprehensive, proven and scalable solution allows large companies to migrate to a new messaging system on premises or to the Cloud. Its broad range of functionalities accelerates and secures migration projects and help companies reduce project costs. The different communication capabilities with the end-user, fully configurable, contribute to the success of the migration.


Refresh Messaging industrializes standard technical tasks of a migration but also provides a reliable and innovative response to the needs of large companies, thus improving the overall management of the project. 



New features for a secure and accelerated migration

Refresh Messaging assists IT teams through all stages of the migration; from management functions such as Capacity Planning, eligibility, automated migration batches, desktop management to user management.


For large companies, the ability to easily migrate from multiple source systems (Lotus, Exchange, Zimbra...) with a single product is unique on the market. Based on a membership system, participants can also use an automatic, personalizable reporting tool  on a daily basis to get a full overview of the migration.


Quality, reliability and safety are immediately perceived by CIOs and users for whom continuity of service is ensured. The centralized execution of the product drastically reduces the need for human resources linked to the project. Refresh Messaging has already migrated hundreds of thousands of mailboxes to Exchange Messaging without intervention on sites or on PCs .

Additional software: Refresh LDAPSync

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Defining migration capabilities by organization or geographical site. Automatic or self-service for users planning of migration batches

Password management. Activation. Routing. Mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, delegations and resources migration

Validation tracking sheet. Automatic and dynamic appointment setting. Manageable communication plan. Language and time zone management

Management of prerequisites. Deployment of components. Outlook configuration. Cache descent in HNO. Installation of components. Activation of connected services

Additional software : Arch-To-PST

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Visualization of real-time progress of the migration. Control over all the mailboxes and possibility to intervene on any mailbox

Comprehensive and adapted reports to each consultant of the project. Automatic generation of reports with a subscription

Automated migration batches  based on the global repository

Processing on different messaging sources: Exchange, Notes, IMAP, Zimbra, Exchange and Office 365. Possibility to separate active mailbox/ archive mailbox

Data centralization. Reliability of organizational data and techniques necessary for optimization of the project. Decision-support tool