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Designed for mid-size businesses, Refresh Orchestrator is a messaging migration software for migrations to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.


This software includes all key features to ensure the success of a migration project, whatever the source: Lotus, Notes, IMAP, Zimbra or Exchange. Easy to apprehend for any IT consultant, both in installation and in use, this product improves the experience of a migration project.


From activation, routing, data conversion, migration of delegations to technical reporting, Refresh Orchestrator industrializes all key stages of a migration, without interfering in the daily life of  end users. 



To accelerate your migration project to Exchange 2013 or Office 365 or to get a quick audit of your messaging system , contact us!




Accelerate your migration in an easy, efficient way


  • Set of preconfigured scenarios to migrate from all messaging sources to Exchange 2010 | 2013 and Office 365

  • No Exchange temporary infrastructure to put in place

  • Installation in a few clicks


  • Adaptable scenarios for the client

  • Adaptable infrastructure depending on rhythm wished by client (Big Bang possible)

  • On-Premise or on Cloud installation

  • Fastest migration on the market thanks to the choice of technology

  • No heavy infrastructure necessary

  • No specific development necessary

  • ROI: Industrial approach vs. manual approach

  • One product for all your needs: possibility to use for future projects again

Refresh Orchestrator manages migration batches that facilitates the management of individual cases of migration. In addition, its communication capabilities allow IT technicians to assist users during their migration project. With its integrated console, Refresh Orchestrator allows management of migration batches, the assignment to instances of treatment and monitoring of progress.

Refresh Orchestrator, advanced functionalities

Management & Reporting


  • Definition of migration process via Refresh Designer

  • Monitoring of technical stages through the administration and deployment interface: Refresh Manager

  • Automatic generation of reporting

  • Technical reporting: Synthesis, Detail per phase, Detail per mailbox


Data migration


  • Activation and assignment of licenses 

  • Cohabitation | Routing

  • Conversion and migration of server data

  • Rights and delegations migration (ACL, ...)

  • Migration of central archives

  • Filtering of source data to be migrated

  • Choice of destination of migrated date: Active mailbox | Archive Mailbox

  • Screening Process and choice of dynamic destination





User management


  • Standard communication with the user via email 


Local archives management