Solutions |Evolution of Servers and Applications

Evolution of Servers and Applications

Digital Transformation, rapid Cloud adoption and obsolescence of operating systems and software components (eg Windows Server 2003, data bases, Web servers, runtime,...) lead IT departments to adopt modern platforms including : Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 R2 ou Microsoft Azure.

As it relates to the evolution of servers and applications, Microsoft recommends a 4 steps approach :


1. Discover :  The desired outcome of that phase is a complete inventory of both hardware and software (including applications and software components), and a perfect knowledge of the application usage scenarios


2. Assess : In this phase, it about classifying applications and scenarios based on their actual usage or criticality


3. Target : The usage scenarios, server roles and application components being known, it is to identify the possible architectures, in order to determine the most appropriate evolution of servers: On premise, to Microsoft Azure or hybrid (partly on premise, partly in Azure).


4. Migrate : This step is the proper execution phase of the project, whether the evolution of infrastructures, the rehosting of software components, their updates, or the remediation of the applications.

2 dedicated solutions for automating the steps
of a Server and Application evolution project
Discover, Assess and Target

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