CIOs and financial departments do not always have an accurate visibility of the real state of their installed base: hardware, software, actual use of applications are often miscalculated when addressing a migration project and therefore making the project difficult to plan. Learn more


For organizations with an important number of PCs, considering a manual or script-based migration could be very long and particularly expensive. Companies sometimes underestimate the workload for preparing a migration, the impact on its users. In addition they, do not always have the adequate supervision means. Learn more

The evolution of communication and collaboration needs, the adoption of Cloud computing and the obsolescence of previous messaging systems lead companies to adopt Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft® Office 365. This evolution towards a new messaging system inevitably induces the migration of data but also an evolution of the desktops. Learn more

Ensuring the optimum use of PCs and tablets requires operational expertise and a set of tools that can improve productivity of technical teams and optimize the total cost of ownership of workstations. The use of tablets in businesses requires the implementation of new means. Learn more